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Welcome to SEM Plus

Welcome to SEM Plus

SEM Plus can manage your complete business onine.

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Email Marketing

As one of the most effective marketing forms available on the Internet, email marketing is awesome for a direct campaigns to your customers.  Imagine sending everyone of your customers a short letter or brochure and as they read it they have the opportunity to buy the product or take up a new offer then and there.

In a nutshell, email marketing if done right can continue to deliver happy customers time and time again.  Some people say that it's spam or perhaps they just won't read it, at SEM Plus we are all about being positive towards marketing and your business. 

What's the right time of day got to do with it?  Exactly!  When we first started doing Internet marketing we asked the same questions, the best part about most Internet marketing and particularly Email marketing is that you can measure, test and adjust every part of it.  No more mailing out 1000 stamped envelops and getting nothing for it and not really knowing why it didn't work.

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SEM Plus offers online support for all current SEM Plus clients, if you would like to know more about SEM Plus's online support service please enquire here.

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Sem Plus is a Brisbane based business that specializes in achieving better results for your website and your business by employing the latest techniques in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Development practices.

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